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ChickPorn, like all porn, is about an intense emotional and/or physical reaction to a stimulus, typically a photograph or other explicit depiction of arousing material. But ChickPorn isn’t about nudity (er, not entirely).

I don’t think I’m alone in my general disinterest in the kind of porn that’s a multi-billion dollar industry. I get it – men like looking at naked people, and they’ll spend a lot of money on it. There are even women who are (allegedly) really into it, the statistics tell me. But, typically speaking, I’m not one of them. That’s not to say that I’m not guilty of hiding with a laptop or some environmentally-unfriendly piece of printed material for no other purpose than to arouse and stimulate desire. It’s just not for flesh, mind you.

It starts with shoes in general, of course, and one pair in particular: Christian Louboutin’s (who else?!) Very Prive Pump. Three words, ladies: Black. Patent. Leather. And did I mention the peep toe? ::swoon:: Behold:

But there’s plenty more where that came from. Fashion  in general accounts for much ChickPorn material, but let’s face it: Woman cannot survive on designer garments alone. (Side note: while there are clothing items that generally inspire lust and envy in me and shall generate their own post-worthy ChickPorn, I pledge allegiance to the accessory genre, for this print or that pattern may go in and out of trend, but photos of a well-heeled you carrying a classic leather handbag will never come back to haunt you, like say those ones of you with the crimped hair and leg warmers).

So, what else is there? Food, of course. Anything is fair game, because I certainly have recipes for a roasted bird or potato dish that I get excited about, but really, isn’t it all about dessert? And isn’t dessert best when it includes chocolate? I think you can agree on that, even if your husband cannot.

Thus, ChickPorn is born. Like going to the strip club or adult store, you can spend hours looking at it. But, even better: when the mood strikes (or the check clears), you can even take it home with you… or, you know, bake it.