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Carb-Cravin’ Banana Lust

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I recently had my first experience at Emeril’s. How could I have possibly waited so long?! The meal was delicious, but I had trouble concentrating on it after a server came by with the dessert tray for the table next to us and I saw THIS:

Freaking Banana Cream Pie.

I love bananas, and I love pie, whipped cream, caramel, chocolate shavings… What could possibly go wrong? Answer: NOTHING. It was nothing short of spectacular and the BEST graham cracker crust I’ve ever had. The custard is thick and creamy (though I admit I add a bit more banana slices), the whipped cream perfect and piled high, and that glorious, buttery, perfect crust (with more bananas!). I must insist you try this immediately.

I came home and looked up the recipe right away, of course, and I was stoked to find NOT a copy cat recipe but the ACTUAL recipe from the man himself (love, love, love you for that). You can – and should – take a look at the recipe for yourself here:

Warning: It’s not all that easy to make. It’s really easy to screw that custard up, so make sure you follow the directions exactly. Try it the first time when it’s just you, so no one notices how ugly it is and they can’t judge you (okay, me) for the copious amounts consumed straight out of the pie dish.

So… what are you doing still reading?