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Rain, Rain Go Away…

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… on second thought, stick around a bit.

It’s been cold and damp and rainy for a couple of days, which got me to thinking about how much I love rain boots. I loved them even before they got all trendy recently (though, despite my love for them, I don’t think you should wear them when there’s not even a chance of rain in the forecast; sorry, but it’s a no-no). Still, I’m a huge fan of them, and I don’t think you can argue with the timeless practicality of a classic pair of Burberry rain boots — I love the originals, of course, but I’m an especially big fan of the Quilted Check Print version ($450):

But, sometimes it’s fun to let your hair down a little (not literally, if it’s raining… ewww frizz). If you’re not going to a meeting with a big client or acting all professional-like for some reason, spice it up a little. A little rain is worth it if it means extra days of carrying around these little darlings:

Kate Spade Multi-Stripe Umbrella – $75. This one doesn’t need much fanfare; it’s adorable and cheerful. Just looking at it makes me wish some cumulonimbus would roll in.


A black rain boot could pair well, such as the Kate Spade Randi ($125), which you can get in solid black, but I prefer the splash of red:

Kate Spade New York - Randi


But, I’m thinking I’ll pair it with something else fun, like these Coach Pixy Rain Boots ¬†with a poppy print ($108.00) that I really wanted to hate at first, but it turns out I love their funky glamour and I’m not ashamed to admit it, or these MICHAEL Michael Kors Vanilla Croco Mid Rainboot ($89, but I’ve seen them on sale for less, so might as well get them both!).